Life Groups

"Those who are in love with community, destroy community; those who love people, build community." -- Dietrich Bonhoeff, Life Together

Life Groups Are The Backbone of New City Church

What are Life Groups?

Our community groups are called Life Groups at NCC. 

Our Life Groups are the perfect place to explore the relevance of the Gospel of Jesus, to build friends and feel a part of the community of New City Church, as well as to join together and support one another in living out the implications of the Gospel. 

These small groups (usually 6-14 people) are safe spaces for doubters, seekers, and followers of Christ to share life and journey together.

What is the format of Life Groups?

Our Life Groups follow a 10-week format based on the text of Scripture from the previous Sunday's sermon. These discussion-oriented groups focus on exploring the application of the text to our individual lives, our communal life as a church, and it's message to our city.

No prior prep is needed. Even if you missed Sunday's message, you'll still be able to think through the Scripture passage together with others. (Make sure you sign up to receive the weekly Sermon Preview & Review.)

At the end of the 10-week stretch, participants have the option of continuing with their current Life Group, taking a break from Life Groups, or trying out a new Life Group.

  • Session #1: Join in October & continue through middle of December
  • Session #2: Join in mid January & continue through end of end of March
  • Session #3: Join in mid of April & continue through end of June

Why should I join a Life Group? 

Quite simply, because Life Groups are where you will feel connected at New City Church. In fact, it will be difficult to feel connected if you only come to NCC on Sunday mornings (though we are glad to have you join us then if that's your first step). 

Life Groups are where you will be cared for and where you can care for others. It's where you will be known and know others.

These are the people who will visit you when you are in the hospital, or throw a party when you have a baby. These are the people who will mourn with you when you experience loss or make a meal for you when you are sick. These are the people who will be the first to call and say, "How can I pray for you?" 

This is where we grow together, eat together, learn together, and serve together. This is where you will feel like your part of the family at NCC.

I'm interested in signing up, but I still have questions.

No problem. For more information or to get your questions answered, contact Pastor Carl Santos




We are in the process of updating our Life Group list ahead of our September kick-off! Check back for info or contact us if you want to get involved!

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