What is the Gospel?

What is the gospel? The gospel is far greater than we think - it reaches into every aspect of our lives.

Inductive Bible Study Is Not Just For Adults

Check out this article if you want some insight on how to read the Bible with your kids.

Life Group Discussion Notes

Promise & Law: Galatians 3:15-25

Check out our weekly Life Group discussion sheet based on the week's sermon!

The Tricky Question of Halloween - 10/3/18

How should a Christian relate to Halloween? Abstain from it? Engage with it? We tackle the question here.

Raising Kids in a "Pornified" Culture - 09/20/18

How do we raise kids in our highly charged sexual culture where pornography is easily accessible?

When Work is Joyless - 09/13/18

If you don't find joy in your work, does that mean you are in the wrong job? We start the conversation here!

Reading Revelation - 09/06/18

Revelation can be a confusing book to read. Here are some tips and resources for reading this incredible book!

Prometheus: Helper of Humanity? - 08/30/18

Was Prometheus a hero who liberated humanity from the tyranny of the gods? What do we make of the knowledge we have?

Elusive Intimacy - 8/21/18

Can we really have what rom-coms and harlequin romances promise? Can we be intimately and unconditionally loved? Or are we chasing dreams?

Serving Our City - 8/1/18

We usually think about how our city can serve us - our careers, family, or education. What if we sought to serve our city first?

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Sacrifice for the City - Mark 9:30-37
The Book Of Mark: Living The Gospel In The City
March 17, 2019

The disciples are learning that to follow Jesus means to follow him to the cross, to die. How do we live, knowing we are called to die?

Metamorphosis for the City - Mark 9:2-9
The Book Of Mark: Living The Gospel In The City
March 10, 2019

The story of Jesus’ metamorphosis teaches us about who he is and what sort of disciples we are called to be for Jesus and for our city.

Sustainer of the City - Mark 8:1-21
The Book Of Mark: Living The Gospel In The City
March 3, 2019

Jesus sustains and cares for people and his church should do the same. Listen in as we unpack the story of Jesus' feeding of the 4,000.