Membership is not required to attend New City Church. Everyone is welcome. But if you call New City Church your home family, we believe it is a good thing to officially associate to the church through what is called "membership."

On Joining the New City Church Family

Joining a church is a way of publically declaring, "This is my spiritual family. These are my people, and I belong to them. I want to grow in understanding the gospel with them. I want to pursue authentic community with them. And I want to join in mission with them as we live out the gospel in the city of Calgary. Count me in!"

Membership at New City Church is open to those who profess faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, along with their children. 

Read more about membership in "On Joining the New City Church Family." 


"Intro to New City Church" Class

We usually hold an Intro to New City Church class four times per year (or as needed). This is a required class for all those who are interested in formally joining New City Church. 

The next Intro to New City Church class: September


Other Information

In order to be in a teaching position (say, small group leader or a Sunday School teacher), one must be a member of New City Church as well as sign an affirmation of faith. We use the Confessional Statement of Faith from The Gospel Coalition, an international fellowship of evangelical churches deeply committed to renewing our faith in the gospel of Christ and to reforming our ministry practices to conform fully to the Scriptures.

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